About Us

Thank you for choosing Art Glass U.S.A.   Stained glass is a timeless art that spans over 1,000 years. It transmits light, color and gives life to each area where one would like to add a touch of distinction.
  Stained glass can be an integral part of the decor or can be considered a piece of art in its own right.  Stained glass art serves to create the appropriate space that will inspire the observer as light brings life through the colors of the glass.
This was the vision of our craftsman who originated the studio in Europe, then later came to the Americas in 1904.
Our studio is now going on its 3rd generation.  Our vast experience in the art of stained glass allows us to visualize and create projects in all areas on a larger scale, be it religious, residential or comercial (Banks, Restaurants, Offices, Shopping malls).
In the field of religious stained glass art, our studio still employs the same glass painting techniques that were used in the 12th century. In many cases we fuse antique style with contemporary design creating new and original works or art.